Nuclear Threat Projection with Neural Network Time Series Forecasting

Unfortunately, we have been through tough times recently as going on Russian invasion in Ukraine. As Putin stacked to the corner via sanctions and lost in the field, he has been getting to be more dangerous. He has even threatened to use nuclear weapons if necessary. Because of the nuclear danger we’ve just mentioned above,Continue reading “Nuclear Threat Projection with Neural Network Time Series Forecasting”

Association Rules with Interactive Charts

Until today, we have examined the supervised learning algorithms; but this time, we will take a look at a different learning method. The algorithm we just mentioned is association rules which is an unsupervised learning method. The algorithm is referred to as market basket analysis as it usually has been applied to grocery data. TheContinue reading “Association Rules with Interactive Charts”

Comparing Decision Trees

In the last article of the current year, we will examine and compare some of the tree algorithms for the classification. The dataset we are going to use for this will be the answers given to the loan applicants and their evaluated features for it. The first algorithm we will talk about is the C5.0Continue reading “Comparing Decision Trees”

Plotly for Data Visualization: The Vaccinations Effect on Covid-19

One of the most frequently asked questions these days is whether the vaccine works in reducing the number of cases and deaths. In order to examine that we will build a function so that we can run for every country we want without repeating the same code block. The dataset we’re going to use forContinue reading “Plotly for Data Visualization: The Vaccinations Effect on Covid-19”

Comparing the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) Management for some Developed Countries

The pandemic continues at full speed in Turkey where I live, because the government doesn’t conduct the process well; the data they provide is so doubtful, and the decisions they made are very inconsistent. So, I wondered about the situation in the other part of the world, especially the developed countries. In order to that,Continue reading “Comparing the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) Management for some Developed Countries”