Wildfires Comparison with ggplot2 dual Y-axis and Forecasting with KNN

In recent days, Turkey has been escalated wildfires. The government and the people were on the alert and mobilized to put out the fires but, they couldn’t for days. A significant part of people thought that the simultaneous fires had no make sense, and there was probably some kind of terrorist actions beyond these fires.Continue reading “Wildfires Comparison with ggplot2 dual Y-axis and Forecasting with KNN”

Time Series Forecasting: KNN vs. ARIMA

It is always hard to find a proper model to forecast time series data. One of the reasons is that models that use time-series data often expose to serial correlation. In this article, we will compare k nearest neighbor (KNN) regression which is a supervised machine learning method, with a more classical and stochastic process,Continue reading “Time Series Forecasting: KNN vs. ARIMA”