Bootstrap Intervals: Understanding the Gender-based Over-qualified Rates

Most of the time, if there is a recession in an economy, it leads to a high unemployment rate, and then it triggers the over-qualified employment rate; Because people would feel financially insecure and they’d accept the first job that comes their way regardless of how the job suit for their skills or education levels.Continue reading “Bootstrap Intervals: Understanding the Gender-based Over-qualified Rates”

Food Inflation: Comparing with Interactive Chart of {ggiraph}

According to authorities, up to 205 million are facing food insecurity in about 45 countries. Besides global warming that causes poor rainfall performance, another strong reason to worry about the issue is the Russian invasion of Ukraine which causes trade-related restrictions. I’ve just wondered how this reflects on food inflation. To do that, we willContinue reading “Food Inflation: Comparing with Interactive Chart of {ggiraph}”