Simulated Neural Network with Bootstrapping Time Series Data

In the previous article, we examined the performances of covid-19 management of some developed countries and we found that the UK was slightly better than others. This time we are going to predict the spread of disease for about a month in the UK. The algorithm we will use for this purpose is the neuralContinue reading “Simulated Neural Network with Bootstrapping Time Series Data”

Comparing the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) Management for some Developed Countries

The pandemic continues at full speed in Turkey where I live, because the government doesn’t conduct the process well; the data they provide is so doubtful, and the decisions they made are very inconsistent. So, I wondered about the situation in the other part of the world, especially the developed countries. In order to that,Continue reading “Comparing the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) Management for some Developed Countries”

Backcast a Time Series for COVID-19 Truths

A couple of months ago, Turkey’s Health Minister announced that the positive cases showing no signs of illness were not included in the statistics. This statement made an earthquake effect in Turkey, and unfortunately, the articles about covid-19 I have wrote before came to nothing. The reason for this statement was the pressure of theContinue reading “Backcast a Time Series for COVID-19 Truths”