Military Expenditure Estimation with RJAGS Simulation

The side effect of the ongoing Russian occupation was that it stimulated countries’ intentions to increase their military budgets. Last month following the invasion, Germany announced a budget of 100 billion € for the restructuring of the army and announced that it would spend %2 of its GDP every year. Of course, it is notContinue reading “Military Expenditure Estimation with RJAGS Simulation”

Nuclear Threat Projection with Neural Network Time Series Forecasting

Unfortunately, we have been through tough times recently as going on Russian invasion in Ukraine. As Putin stacked to the corner via sanctions and lost in the field, he has been getting to be more dangerous. He has even threatened to use nuclear weapons if necessary. Because of the nuclear danger we’ve just mentioned above,Continue reading “Nuclear Threat Projection with Neural Network Time Series Forecasting”

Meta-Learning: Boosting and Bagging for Time Series Forecasting

I am always struggled to model the changes in gasoline prices as a categorical variable, especially in a small amount of time-series data. The answer to improving the performance of modeling such a dataset can be to combine more than one model. This method of combining and aggregating the predictions of multiple models is calledContinue reading “Meta-Learning: Boosting and Bagging for Time Series Forecasting”

Association Rules with Interactive Charts

Until today, we have examined the supervised learning algorithms; but this time, we will take a look at a different learning method. The algorithm we just mentioned is association rules which is an unsupervised learning method. The algorithm is referred to as market basket analysis as it usually has been applied to grocery data. TheContinue reading “Association Rules with Interactive Charts”

Comparing Decision Trees

In the last article of the current year, we will examine and compare some of the tree algorithms for the classification. The dataset we are going to use for this will be the answers given to the loan applicants and their evaluated features for it. The first algorithm we will talk about is the C5.0Continue reading “Comparing Decision Trees”

Lagged Predictors in Regression Models and Improving by Bootstrapping and Bagging

Huge lines at gas stations have been seen around Turkey in recent days. Under the reason for this is the rise in the prices so often, in the last few months and the expectation to continue this. Of course, it is known that the rise in the exchange rate (US dollar to Turkish lira) hasContinue reading “Lagged Predictors in Regression Models and Improving by Bootstrapping and Bagging”

Dynamic Regression with ARIMA Errors: The Students on the Streets

The higher education students have had trouble being housing in Turkey in recent days. There have been people who even sleep on the streets like a homeless. The government has been accused of investing inadequate dormitories for sheltering the students. Let’s examine the ongoing sheltering problem of students. The dataset we have built for thisContinue reading “Dynamic Regression with ARIMA Errors: The Students on the Streets”

Forecasting with ARIMA from {fable}: The Election is Coming for Turkey?

Nowadays, every journalist and intellectual talks about a probable early election in Turkey’s ongoing poor economic conditions. But, is it politically right decision to go early election before the officially announced 23 June 2023 in terms of ruling parties? In order to answer this question, we have to choose some variables to monitor economic conditions,Continue reading “Forecasting with ARIMA from {fable}: The Election is Coming for Turkey?”

Wildfires Comparison with ggplot2 dual Y-axis and Forecasting with KNN

In recent days, Turkey has been escalated wildfires. The government and the people were on the alert and mobilized to put out the fires but, they couldn’t for days. A significant part of people thought that the simultaneous fires had no make sense, and there was probably some kind of terrorist actions beyond these fires.Continue reading “Wildfires Comparison with ggplot2 dual Y-axis and Forecasting with KNN”

Plotly for Data Visualization: The Vaccinations Effect on Covid-19

One of the most frequently asked questions these days is whether the vaccine works in reducing the number of cases and deaths. In order to examine that we will build a function so that we can run for every country we want without repeating the same code block. The dataset we’re going to use forContinue reading “Plotly for Data Visualization: The Vaccinations Effect on Covid-19”