Housing Markets Down: Hierarchical Time Series

For a long time, everybody in Turkey complains about how far the house and rent prices are up. It seems the same situation is true all over the world. This is called the pandemic housing boom in the USA. But this might’ve been coming to the end, according to some authorities. To check this argument,Continue reading “Housing Markets Down: Hierarchical Time Series”

CO2 Emissions Comparing and Modeling for Global Warming

Recently, I watched the new Predator movie, Pray, and I loved it. Hence, I’ve fallen into the Predators series, especially the first two movies, again. The Predators in the movie would choose warm planets to hunt because their vision capabilities are based on infrared thermal, which allows them to see heat signatures. Carbon dioxide emissionsContinue reading “CO2 Emissions Comparing and Modeling for Global Warming”

Mismanaged Plastic Pollution: Web-Scraping, Tidy Modeling, and Variable Importance

Plastic wastes are one of the most dominant pollution factors in the environment as we live in an era where modern industries exist. The most dangerous part of this kind of pollution is mismanaged plastic waste, which ends up mixing into the ocean in the end. Our World in Data, which we’ll be taking theContinue reading “Mismanaged Plastic Pollution: Web-Scraping, Tidy Modeling, and Variable Importance”

Food Crisis Analysis and, Forecasting with Neural Network Autoregression

The war between Russia and Ukraine has affected the global food supply other than many vital things. Primarily cereal crop products have been affected the most because the imports have been provided to the world mainly through Ukraine and Russia. Let’s check the situation we’ve mentioned for G20 countries. We will get a look atContinue reading “Food Crisis Analysis and, Forecasting with Neural Network Autoregression”

Modeling with Interaction Terms, and Waffle Chart for Comparing: Immigration Flow to the West

There has been a massive debate about the refugee crisis in Turkey for a long time. Turkish people blame immigrants (mostly from Syria) for the worsening economy, and they believe that the immigrants are in wealthy conditions while they themselves suffer from bad economic conditions. I want to check the accuracy of these claims. First,Continue reading “Modeling with Interaction Terms, and Waffle Chart for Comparing: Immigration Flow to the West”

Military Expenditure Estimation with RJAGS Simulation

The side effect of the ongoing Russian occupation was that it stimulated countries’ intentions to increase their military budgets. Last month following the invasion, Germany announced a budget of 100 billion € for the restructuring of the army and announced that it would spend %2 of its GDP every year. Of course, it is notContinue reading “Military Expenditure Estimation with RJAGS Simulation”

Nuclear Threat Projection with Neural Network Time Series Forecasting

Unfortunately, we have been through tough times recently as going on Russian invasion in Ukraine. As Putin stacked to the corner via sanctions and lost in the field, he has been getting to be more dangerous. He has even threatened to use nuclear weapons if necessary. Because of the nuclear danger we’ve just mentioned above,Continue reading “Nuclear Threat Projection with Neural Network Time Series Forecasting”

Meta-Learning: Boosting and Bagging for Time Series Forecasting

I am always struggled to model the changes in gasoline prices as a categorical variable, especially in a small amount of time-series data. The answer to improving the performance of modeling such a dataset can be to combine more than one model. This method of combining and aggregating the predictions of multiple models is calledContinue reading “Meta-Learning: Boosting and Bagging for Time Series Forecasting”

Association Rules with Interactive Charts

Until today, we have examined the supervised learning algorithms; but this time, we will take a look at a different learning method. The algorithm we just mentioned is association rules which is an unsupervised learning method. The algorithm is referred to as market basket analysis as it usually has been applied to grocery data. TheContinue reading “Association Rules with Interactive Charts”

Comparing Decision Trees

In the last article of the current year, we will examine and compare some of the tree algorithms for the classification. The dataset we are going to use for this will be the answers given to the loan applicants and their evaluated features for it. The first algorithm we will talk about is the C5.0Continue reading “Comparing Decision Trees”